With The Courier Guy’s Client Portal, we’re placing the power into your hands. With anyone being able to sign up for a customer account without having to contact sales representatives first, gaining a wider customer base becomes effortless. Clients are in full control of their shipments with our intuitive and user-friendly interface. This allows them to effortlessly create and manage shipments, request quotes, review their account and billing, and manage additional account users – all without needing any assistance from any support staff. TCG Client Portal also supports guest checkouts – allowing anyone to create shipments without having to register for an account first. This makes it easier than ever for clients to send a parcel from point A to point B – anytime, anywhere.

Quick Links


Visit the Log in page – – and click on the Register here link

Complete the account details and click on continue.

Select a default collection address to complete the new account set-up. This address will autofill the collection point when creating your waybills.

Click Create account when done.

Visit your inbox to find the registration email.

Click to verify and set your new password.

Log in with your email and new password next time to access your account. 

You will be signed in automatically once your new password has been set


Welcome to The Courier Guy’s new client portal

You might have received some communication on the new project undertaken by The Courier Guy. Well, this is it and they are proud to share their new software with you. The Courier Guy has partnered with Ship Logic to bring you this new and fresh look to your TCG Account.

There are some changes that you should be aware of before you get started, but don’t fear if you feel lost at first glance – this platform has been designed to improve your overall booking and tracking experience.

You will find throughout your booking process that this platform uses Google Maps to Autocomplete your addresses. This works to reduce the number of misroutes that occur due to incorrect address entries. Using Google Maps to verify your address will not only assist us to ensure timely delivery but will also improve your overall shipment tracking and updates.

Many processes have been automated and more control has been given to you when it comes to your account billing.

Start by logging in to discover your new account page. Good luck!


Log in to your Client Portal account by visiting the Log in page at

Enter your email and password and click on Log in to continue.

Welcome to the client portal. 

From here you can manage your account and start booking your shipments.


If you would like to get some quotes before committing to any shipment, then you’ve come to the right place

Click on Quick Quote and complete the first step by filling in your address and parcel details. Then click on Get Quote to get some rates for your booking. 

Download a Quote directly from the rates screen.

A PDF will download in a new tab on your browser. Please allow the pop-up, so to view and download your quote. 


Create shipments from start to finish in 3 easy steps.  Start the process by sending your first parcel.

Click on Quick Quote to get going.

Enter the address and parcel details

Set collection and delivery addresses along with parcel details.

Click on Get quote to continue.

The Parcels section is where you will enter details of the items that will be couriered.

Please note that while local rates do not rely on weight or dimensions (see rates guide for conditions), all national and international parcels must have exact dimensions and mass for the quote to generate the correct cost. 

All addresses are automatically added to your address book. This allows you to easily choose addresses for future shipments.

Click on Get quote to continue.

Select a service type

Choose the relevant service type to determine how fast the shipment should be delivered. 

Service level rates are determined by the dimensions of the parcel entered in the above Step 1.

Select any special requests if required, and click on Book this when done.

Service levels and rates are set up by The Courier Guy and cannot be changed on the client portal

Complete receiver details and submit

Fill in the information of the sender and receiver, choose a collection time, and provide any special instructions if needed.

Change the collection date and time by clicking on the pencil icon next to the Earliest collection date.

Verify all the information, add more parcels, and ensure that all contact details are entered correctly.

Click on Complete shipment and quickly confirm the service again to continue to payment. 

View your new balance and then select Submit shipment to finish.


Tracking shows a record of events of a waybill, from submission and collection, to delivery and POD creation.

If you would be liked to be notified of certain tracking events on your shipment, then you can navigate to the settings page on your account and set your email notifications so to always be up to date when a shipment reaches a particular status.

How to track your parcel

Navigate to your side menu and click on Track my parcel

Enter your waybill number and click on Track.


Continuing from the previous section, the Shipments section allows you to create, view, edit, and cancel shipments in one place. These shipments can be sorted or viewed according to various filters that are set at the top of the page and selected in bulk for large-scale edits.

How to capture a new waybill using your existing TCG pre-printed waybills

You might have wondered what to do with paper waybills you still have. This new interface allows you to create new shipments by using the TCG reference number found on your current paper waybill

To start, go to your Search by reference bar in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Type the relevant TCG reference number from your waybill and press enter.

When using the TCG reference from the paper waybill, please ensure that you type it out correctly. 

Read the pop-up warning and click Yes, create new shipment.

This simply allows you to add an additional reference to the generated waybill – see it as a custom reference unique to your shipment and your business.

Use it to easily track your shipment throughout its journey.  

Custom references will be displayed on printed waybills

Copy the info from your printed waybill onto your new ONLINE waybill and click Complete shipment

Download and print your waybill directly from the screen or go to shipments and find the waybill there.

In the meantime, while you still have TCG paper waybills, you can attach them to your parcel once your shipment has been made with the respective custom TCG reference.

How to view and access your shipments

Open Shipments in the left-hand navigation menu. 

Search for your shipments in the provided search bar or scroll through the list in the table below.

Click on a shipment to open and view information regarding that shipment OR right click to access the shipment’s Quick menu option. 

Open your shipment settings by clicking on the gear icon to access more features.

Where to print your waybill

Either download and print your waybill directly after you have created your shipment or go to Shipments in the navigation menu and open the relevant shipment there.

By clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner, you can open settings and then click on Download Waybill.

PDF file containing the shipment waybill and barcode for scanning will download to your computer.

You can Print the waybill once it has been downloaded. 

Allow any pop-up warning that you might get once and then redownload the waybill  

How to view a POD and keep track of individual shipments

Select the relevant waybill and open to view the shipment details.

  1. Open the gear icon  in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on View tracking events.

Switch between shipment and parcel tracking by clicking on the different tabs.

POD images will be visible and can be downloaded directly from the tracking page.

Additionally, you can also click on the menu option called Track this shipment.

This will take you to the shipment tracking page where you can track waybills and share tracking links.

How to duplicate a shipment

Select the relevant waybill and open to view the shipment details.

  1. Open the gear icon  in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on Duplicate shipment
  3. Create a new shipment with the same shipping details

How to return a shipment

Select the relevant waybill and open to view the shipment details.

  1. Open the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on Return this shipment.
  3. A new shipment is created where the collection and delivery details are swapped, ready to be returned to the sender.
  4. Note the new waybill number assigned to the returned shipment.

Note the new waybill number assigned to the returned shipment.

How to cancel a shipment

Select the relevant waybill and open to view the shipment details.

Go to Shipment settings by clicking on the gear icon and then Click on Cancel shipment.

Read the pop-up carefully and either cancel or keep the shipment.

Please note: A shipment can only be cancelled if it hasn’t been collected yet.

How to navigate and filter on your shipment page

Your shipment page provides you with all the info you’ll need regarding your shipments with The Courier Guy.

Navigate to this page by clicking on the Shipments tab in your left-hand menu.

You’ll see that you can use this page to search for your waybills and to set some custom filters which you can save to use every day.

You can also simplify your daily check-ups by saving these custom filters for those shipments that are usually hard to find.

Additionally, you can create shipments directly from this page and also download a list of all shipments made thus far.


For ease of access, commonly used addresses can be saved in the Address book.

These can then be edited or deleted whenever necessary. Your address book can be accessed while creating shipments to speed up the process. Manage all your addresses from one central point. 

How to add a new address to your address book

Add new addresses to your list of saved addresses in a few easy steps.

Start by clicking on Add address book and then completing the address info on the right-hand side. Use the Google autocomplete to ensure your address is correct.

You can update your address and give it more detail. This is to ensure accurate collection and delivery by the courier. 

Lastly, you have to option to set an address as your default collection address.

Click on the toggle to change the selection.

Confirm all the details and click Save 

All new addresses are automatically added to your address book. This allows you to easily choose addresses for future shipments.

How to edit an existing address

Navigate to the side menu and select Address book.

Search for your address in the provided search bar or select the relevant address from the list and then click on the address you wish to change.

Change the address where needed and click on Save to save your changes.

How to delete an address

Search for your address in the provided search bar or select the relevant address from the list.

Select the address you wish to remove. 

Click on the Delete button to remove the address from your book.


The My profile section contains your individual user information.

This information can be edited at any time.

How to change your personal contact details

Go to My profile in the left-hand navigation menu.

Click on the blue pencil icon   next to Contact details to edit.

Edit the relevant details and click on Save to save your changes.


The Account section contains information about your company account. This includes billing information, certain transactions, and the details of each of your associated users.


How to edit your billing address and contact

Navigate to the side menu and click on Account.

Click on the pencil icon next to Account details, Billing address, and Billing contact to edit each respective field.

Enter the relevant details into each the fields and click Save at the bottom of the page.

How to add a new user to your account

Open your account, scroll to Account users and click on Create new user.

Fill in the relevant role, name, and email address of the new user.


Account User: This role is limited to only Shipments and Address book

Account SuperUser: This role can also access accounts and settings.


Click Create user to finalise this user’s creation. 

Check the user’s email for the log in details. Ask them to follow the instructions and complete the sign-in. 

Only an Account Super User can edit user details.


How to view your account’s billing information

Navigate to the side menu, click on Accounts and open the relevant Account.

Click on the Billing tab at the top of the page. Here you’ll be able to see all billing transactions, invoices and credit notes related to the account.

Billing details cannot be changed by an account user.

Please contact your courier to discuss the terms and changing this information 

How to download your invoices and credit notes

Click on the Billing tab at the top of your account page.

Scroll down and click on the Invoices and Credit notes tabs

Use the search function to find invoices or credit notes and filter by date to narrow your search.

Click on an Invoice or Credit note to open. Look for the Download PDF option and then click to download.

How to get a statement for your account

Go to your account and click on Get statement in the top right corner of the page, next to your active balance.

Enter the relevant dates in the pop-up and click on Get statement.

A PDF document will download to your computer.

How to add funds to your account

Click on Top up account in the top right corner of your account page.

A pop-up will appear with information about topping up your account.

Use the information to EFT the top-up amount and then email the proof of payment with references to the provided email address.

Account top-ups and other transactions are recorded in the Billing transactions tab and will also reflect in the relevant statements.

Please note that EFTs may take up to 48hours to reflect. Consult your bank to find out more. The Courier Guy will allocate payment once received.


An explanation of the different types of billing transactions available.

The initial charge on a shipment during the parcel sending process based on the dimensions, weight, and service level. 

This action occurs when a parcel has gone through a SWAD machine and either different dimensions or weight were recorded, compared to what was entered by the person who created the shipment, thus resulting in a different shipment charge. The shipping charge reversal is then applied to the initial shipping charge so that the adjusted shipping charge can take effect.

This is the new charge that is applied to the shipment after going through the SWAD machine. 

A payment that was made by the client to the courier company. 

A payment reversal is applied when a mistake was made with the original payment.

A refund transaction is added when paying out credits to a customer. 

A refund reversal is applied to reverse a refund transaction if a mistake was made. 

When a client’s account balance is increased for any reason. 

When a client’s account balance is reduced due to possible mistakes when credit was applied.

When credit is applied to a client’s account for promotional reasons.

A promotional debit is applied when a mistake was made with the provided promotional credit. 

This transaction type is used to correct mistakes to balances if none of the other transaction types suffices.

This transaction type is used to correct mistakes to balances if none of the other transaction types suffices.

When outstanding debt cannot be recovered and needs to be written off.

This transaction is applied when a mistake has been made with the original debt write-off.


How to generate API Keys for your account

Use access keys to make programmatic calls to our API.

To navigate to this page, go to Account in the left navigation panel and then go to the API Keys section to view the page.

Create new API keys for your account by clicking on the blue Create button in the top-right corner of the screen. 

A new API key will be generated, containing your unique Access Key ID and Secret Access key. Copy these keys using the “copy to clipboard” icon.

For your protection, you should never share your secret keys with anyone. If you lose or forget your secret key, you cannot retrieve it. Instead, create a new access key and make the old key inactive.

For more information, see our API documentation at



How to change your company logo

Navigate to your Settings page.

In the Company logo section, click on Choose file to select the logo from your computer.

Once the file is selected, click on Upload and set your new logo.

Company logos will appear in shipment waybills and in emails sent by the system.


How to manage the emails sent from your account

Navigate to Settings and scroll to the Email notifications section.

Select all the relevant statuses that you and your client wish to receive.


How to add a Unique tracking prefix to your waybills

Navigate to Settings and scroll down to the Tracking section.

Add characters to your waybill number to identify your shipments.

This prefix is used at the beginning of all waybill numbers and needs to be three characters long.

How to add a Webhook tracking URL to your account

Navigate to Settings and scroll down to the Webhook tracking section.

Webhooks are typically used to connect two different applications with each other. The Courier Guy uses webhooks for automated messages which are sent (as an HTTP POST request) to the specified URL when a shipment’s tracking status changes.

The payload of the message is the shipment that changed.

Enter your Webhook tracking URL in the space provided and click Save to complete the set up.


Easily set up predefined parcel types with specified dimensions and weights to make it easier and quicker to book your shipments.

Choose these parcel types from a dropdown list when booking a shipment.

How to set standard parcel types for your account

Navigate to Settings and scroll down to the Parcel types section.

Click on Add parcel type to add a new type. Enter each parcel’s dimensions and weight and click Save.

Optionally, choose a default parcel size to use upon creating your shipments.  

Click Save when done.


Queries regarding online services can be sent to:

Sharecall for our nearest branch: 086 120 3203

Branch numbers

010 222 2300

031 701 1904

021 934 8986

083 320 8929 / 082 879 5790

Email addresses for collections

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